Monday, 14 April 2014


This device (phone) is broken.

Write about a time you broke something!


Imagine that you broke your device or phone and describe how it happened.

WALT use different sentence starters and lengths.

To do this, I will try to:
  • Start sentences with different words
  • Start sentences with capital letters
  • Use other punctuation (check the ladder)
  • Show my feelings
  • Use my senses to describe
  • Include strong verbs


I am jogging up the street when suddenly my phone slips out of my hand and pulls my headphones out of my ears with it. My phones upside down and I am sad and angry to find out the state. It’s smashed like a plane plunging down into the concrete. It was not a nice sight for my eyes. Seeing it replay over and over in my head in slow motion. People saying to me oooowwww! Why can’t they keep their mouths shut? Rocketing to the ground without a parachute the pink case wizzing through my vision hearing the wind. Why did this happen to me? My phone costs over a thousand dollars. Oh man my parents will kill me for this, Wait is that my parents car in the distance...

1 comment:

  1. Cool Ben.
    i love how you used key words.
    Keep it up ben


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