Thursday, 8 August 2013

Dragon writing

WALA Sentences 

Once upon a time I had a dragon land on my finger. It breathed out fire.  I named him Timmy. And he was a silly billy. He flew through my bedroom window. Maybe the last of the species. I gave him some raw fish. But he cooked them with his fiery breath. One day he burnt the house down. Oh Timmy, I sighed. When we moved to a new house he ate more and more food. And water as if it was real. I think that Timmy is a beautiful dragon. But a silly billy. He has sharp cone shaped claws and bat shaped wings, so swift through the wind as he flies around the property and Timmy brings not very nice surprises around the property like, birds butterflies although the nextdoor cat was happy. We built a room of steel. I keep my dragon in the steel room so he can't catch my house on on fire.


  1. Wow Ben, what a fantastic story. I really enjoyed it and really loved the photo of Timmy the dragon at the end of your story. I'm looking forward to your next story.

  2. Great Ben. Cool idea Adding a steel room to your house. Well done.

  3. Very awesome Ben! I like the parts when you call it a silly billy. You have good humor in there ;-), great post Ben, keep it up.

  4. Amazing work Ben!
    Your story sounds really good,
    even when I imagine it in my head to see what's actually happening.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Cool Ben!
    I like how you add some rhymes to your story
    keep it up!

  6. Fantastic!
    I really like the humor in it, like "Silly billy"
    Great job, Ben!

    Sincerely, Teva Tait.

  7. Awesome Ben,
    You described the dragon
    really well.

  8. Awesome Ben!
    I love your imagination like when you said that he cooked the raw fish with his fiery breath.
    What great describing of Timmy.
    Well done:-)

  9. Wow Ben!
    You're story sounds great.
    It all is simple.
    I like how all you're sentences are short and sharp.
    You have used the language of success.
    I really like the idea of building a steel room.
    Well done:)

  10. Cool Ben. I love how you put in but a silly billy that was funny. Well done keep up the good work!


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