Friday, 25 July 2014

My turtles play hide and seek

“Srape scrape” I hear, coming from the turtle tank I am sitting around my houses dining room, where  one of my turtles is peeking her head by the lights wires. She is standing on her land pad. Then she is stretching out her back feet and stretching her head out of the tank. I lean over to see her and go hello in a funny tone. I go back and sit on the couch and play xbox, then suddenly Mum walks through the door with an unexpected visitor, the turtle. I haven’t got a name for her yet though. When Mum placed the turtle down she had a sparkle in her eye. she looked at me, and made a run for it. Nooo I chase after her then  I grab her then she scratches me with all her might but she is a girl so it didn’t hurt much. Ouch.

Mum now pulls my other turtle out. She changes her gears and speeds as fast as her can towards the couch and I grab her. I see her shell is flaking everywhere. I grab her but it is too late, he makes it under the couch. I am touching her but I can’t seem to pull her out. Wait…

Where is the other big turtle gone? I hear a Bung Crash Smash coming from behind the heater. This would be worse if there was the cat inside. Mum lifts the couch while I  stick my hand under and grab the brave curious turtle. She scratches. Then I take them both out below there tank in the dining room. I put them side by side. My big turtle looks out for my little turtle, my little turtle followed my big turtle side by side. Then my little turtle made a detour towards the fridge. I grab her then I lose grip. She is lost under the fridge. I wait 5 minutes. He pops out. I grab her then I chucked her in his tank. I grab the big turtle that doesn’t want to go back in. She scratches me and  I drop her! Luckily she was on the mat. She lands upside down but fortunately she is not hurt. I put him back in. Then they relax in the sunny light in there tank.

Turtles rock
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