Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Wildebeest writing

This is my Wildebeest writing. We used an app called I fake text. I like how i'ts like an I-phone. Here is my writing below

“Lets cross the island” said Munchin.
“No there is a crocodile in the water!” says Crackers
They start arguing, “Its a log” snorts Munchin.
“No a Crocodile,” said Crackers.
“I will kick it then”  Munchin says to Crackers.
“I will stand on it” said Crackers.
He goes and hops on...“Maybe you are right says Crackers.

CRUNCH! “Crocodile” Says Munchin.
Another Wildebeest comes along “is that a log”
To be continued...


  1. Good work Ben your amazing.
    The writing is incredible.
    I like how it says to be continued.

  2. Funny Ben! Great story about the Wildebeest and the crocodile.
    Keep up the great work Ben!

  3. "Awesome! Ben I like your wildebeest
    writing it is very funny Keep up your awesome
    writing :-)


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