Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Friday, 14 November 2014

Persuasive writing

Persuading can be a very hard thing to do. So you have come to the right place. Here we can tell you the the best places to advertise. For your new product of walkie talkies, you should use TV. Its a lot fairer and most people have working TV.
TV is much fairer unlike other internet pop ups. Websites are fair but pop up adverts are not. If you want fear advertising to sell your products TV is the way to go! The internet has no rules so people trick you into downloading and buying their products which automatically gives them all your details so now they can hack you with a computer virus. You don’t want your product advertising being able to be sabotaged through hackers. On TV people will see your walkie talkies and they will think “Hmmmm Christmas is soon, I could get some for the kids.”  So they are a great idea

This is a great example of what your TV advert could look like. This is a very good advertisement that would make you wanna buy these walkie talkies. “These walkie talkies are great for hide and go seek and go up to 300 metres away in range. So these are an amazingly good option for presents.” “If your kids love playing army these are also really good for using imagination.” Imagine all the people wanting to buy your walkie talkies. You will turn into a millionaire! Imagine the sales. your products will be going out the door like crazy!

So advertise on the TV not the internet, this is a much fairer way without getting internet bugs like viruses. These walkie talkies last for hours. So this means hours of fun. They are waterproof and are great for having a picnic lunch down at the park. Even playing spot light at night without shouting out to your friends and giving your spot away.

These are the best walkie talkies all round and they are a great price. Get them now. For your kids Christmas presents. They are not just for the kids but they suit adults too!

Monday, 13 October 2014

A Friend Poem

A friend is someone who looks out for someone
A friend is a person who looks after one another
When you get hurt your friend helps you
A friend looks out for you when you're feeling down

A friend sticks with you when you’re being picked on
Friends are the people you are with all the time that you love to be with
They don’t need to be popular or smart
They can be any shape and size as long as there friendly and kind

We all need friends
Your friends need you
So if you are feeling lonely your friends will look after you
To be a good friend you need to share

You can never have too many friends!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Optimist Yachting Maths

Monday: an easy 10 because there was no wind to sail too

Tuesday: Another 10 since there was still no wind.

Wednesday:  7 Since I went out by myself and kept tipping almost over since I couldn’t balance the boat out. and I got tangled in the mainsheet! Its was really scary

Thursday: Really windy and our yacht so this would be an 8  since I was a bit frightened Ezra’s crazy driving on the rudder!

Friday would be a 9 since it was really fun and cold capsizing. The swimming was the only hardest thing for me since the boat was too full to have 3 people in so we could only have one person.

Friday, 19 September 2014

My new go kart engine!

My new go kart engine.
This is my new engine. It is for my new kart. If you follow my blog you would of seen a picture of my kart. anyway I'm going to win lots off races with this new motor. I can start myself now with my battery pack thingy. I don't really know what the starter battery is called. I can't wait till I race my new motor! 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

All Blacks in Napier

 Friday I went to Napier for an All Blacks signing at Farmers. We had to wait an hour before they turned up. They were Jullien Savea, Liam Messam and Owen Franks. When we got close Mum told me to take my All Blacks top. I replied "What, why would I want to taky my top off infront of everyone!"
Mun then said "It will be easier for them to sign it."
"Ok" I said. I wipped myy t-shirt off and Jullien Savea and Liam Messam said  got big guns"
I smiled when they said that and I was really happy. Then right when we were leaving I was asked to hold up my top for a photo for the Hawke's Bay Today. It got even greater, it was for the front page of the Hawke's Bay today.

 This photo below is my favourite with Richie McCaw, Kieren Reid and Dane Coles. Thye were in Starbucks Napier. It was a great expierence to meet Richie McCaw
                                     THE CAPTAIN OF THE ALL BLACKS

 In the end I went through town and saw 5 more All Blacks they were Ben Franks, Dane Coles, Richie McCaw, Kieren Read, Jurome Kaino, I am so happy I got to meet the All Blacks
In this photo I had Blossom for karts. This is an annual karting event that happends once a year and I had never came second in. I have been in this event 2 or 3 times. I really enjoyed this event since it is over 2 days. I was racing NZ 2. That means he is the second best in New Zealand. I felt really good beating him. I am really happy with my resuilt in Blossom 47!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My Maths Knowledge Reflection

Knowledge Goal and Reflection 29/07/14

I got  37/50  84 % for stage 6 number knowledge.

I did well in number bonds,  and rounding.

My number knowledge goal is Multiplication and division and groups with remainders.

Something I am proud of is trying the stage 7 test.

Something I want to learn more about is squares and cubes.  

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My journal of the production

Dear Diary, let me introduce myself. My name is Ben and my role in the production is part is Korito. So far my favourite thing in the production is Ezra and his walk in thunderstruck, it makes me laugh. On Friday we are going to do a rehearsal and it is going to be really good. My favourite thing about being in the production is learning the legends and the history. Our story in the production is called The 7 Whales of Wairoa. I am nervous about my lines,  I know them all though. I am a little bit annoyed though with the shark group being silly all the time. I am really sad about being turned to a hill at the end. Also I almost forgot that one of the class axolotls is named after me. Korito sounds a bit Mexican though. I feel famous now though. I am not looking forward to doing the production infront of all the parents.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Retelling Ghosts of Young Nick's Head

Thunder and lightning strikes across the veranda. The window is creaking and shaking. Eddy flips his page in his Harry Potter book. Suddenly the light starts to dim then BANG! the light shatters into the darkness. Eddy lets out a little scream. Then they hear a creaking coming towards the bedroom. “Who is it?” They get no reply as Joe and Eddy start to hide. Then they knock a potato sack all of the floor. The dim light of the fire starts to glow. The shadow starts to get closer. The boys close their eyes. Then a sudden gust of wind hisses and heaves through the house. The boys open their eyes. The black outline of the figure is gone. Eddy yells “Did you see how close we were to dying!”
Joe replies "Yeah” as he lets out some tears.

They look out the window The rain plunges down on the rugged paddock. As the boys analyze the room in the darkness they can tell it was an aged worn out room. Joe says to Eddie “No wonder this place is haunted.” Joe replies.
"We don’t know for sure if this place is haunted.” Eddy says.

"Look out at the cliff face." the boys say as the water splashes up over the rocks. “So what are we going to do with no power?” Joe says to Eddy.
“I don’t know.” Eddy shouts back.
“Will this rain ever end Eddy?” Joe speaks.
“Yes of course it will!” Eddy says.
Then the boys hear somebody coming up the stairs. “Who is it?" they shout...

Friday, 25 July 2014

My turtles play hide and seek

“Srape scrape” I hear, coming from the turtle tank I am sitting around my houses dining room, where  one of my turtles is peeking her head by the lights wires. She is standing on her land pad. Then she is stretching out her back feet and stretching her head out of the tank. I lean over to see her and go hello in a funny tone. I go back and sit on the couch and play xbox, then suddenly Mum walks through the door with an unexpected visitor, the turtle. I haven’t got a name for her yet though. When Mum placed the turtle down she had a sparkle in her eye. she looked at me, and made a run for it. Nooo I chase after her then  I grab her then she scratches me with all her might but she is a girl so it didn’t hurt much. Ouch.

Mum now pulls my other turtle out. She changes her gears and speeds as fast as her can towards the couch and I grab her. I see her shell is flaking everywhere. I grab her but it is too late, he makes it under the couch. I am touching her but I can’t seem to pull her out. Wait…

Where is the other big turtle gone? I hear a Bung Crash Smash coming from behind the heater. This would be worse if there was the cat inside. Mum lifts the couch while I  stick my hand under and grab the brave curious turtle. She scratches. Then I take them both out below there tank in the dining room. I put them side by side. My big turtle looks out for my little turtle, my little turtle followed my big turtle side by side. Then my little turtle made a detour towards the fridge. I grab her then I lose grip. She is lost under the fridge. I wait 5 minutes. He pops out. I grab her then I chucked her in his tank. I grab the big turtle that doesn’t want to go back in. She scratches me and  I drop her! Luckily she was on the mat. She lands upside down but fortunately she is not hurt. I put him back in. Then they relax in the sunny light in there tank.

Turtles rock

Friday, 27 June 2014

Genius hour Scott Mclaughlin

Scott Mclaughlin is 21 years old. He has driven all his life including, go karts. He has raced our very own Blossom and won. Blossom is a go kart race. He has been in the development series as well. Gary Rodgers has chosen this young driver to perform and represent for Volvo. He is talented with his racing. He is also into playing rugby. Scott is very friendly and has a great attitude towards his career. He is fast and all the kiwi that follow  V8’s love him.

The Volvo S60 is a brand new car out. This car is great as a road car and a race car. Volvos come from Sweden. They are very quick.  

I drew this drawing I hope you like it

My trip to mars

Write an imaginary story about your trip to Mars
WALT organise our ideas into an effective structure
Success Criteria
  • Beginning, middle and end (like a hamburger)
  • Paragraph groups of ideas
  • Some complex sentences
  • Use of topic words from space
  • Imagination and excitement!

I strap myself in to my seat then I hear a BOOM! OMG   the rocket starts to launch into the sky, A force of adrenalin  rushes through my body, I get pulled down from the force of the rocket. “No going back,” says Jared as the shuttle starts to vibrate and all of our gear falls on the floor and tips everywhere.

No GRAVITY!!! Yes!
as I flip in joy. Bye bye Earth.

18 minutes later we are skyrocketing and spiraling past the moon. “Ben be sensible with this ship”
Jared and Cameron say to me. Suddenly we run out of gas, Jared chucks the emergency 20,000 litres in the funnel when it spills through the rocket and catches a light, we’re not good. but I am still going to do a backflip in the rocket while spiraling right before Mars…

3 ½ hours later…

Backflip time. over we go, quarter over, half way over, Suddenly I stall the jets. “Ben!” What have you done? We crash against Curiosity Rover then I lose sight of it. We are stranded on Mars with the green martians coming at us. What should we do?
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