Thursday, 4 April 2013

Cube for maths

                           This is the cube side on now you can see 3 across and 4 up.
This is our cube. It is a solid shape. it is not a trick. I enjoyed making it. I think looking down on it it looks like a tall building. Please comment thankyou for reading. The height =4cm, perimeter= 12 (3+3+3+3) and the area = 9cm squared (3x3) and the volume = 36cm cubed (HxLxW = 4x3x3).


  1. Love the way you describe your cube. You added good details. Like your comparison cube-building. I agree with you on this one. :)

    Mrs. Behm

  2. WOW Ben.How toke the picture.

  3. Awesome Ben your maths is really cool I like how you did the maths working
    Well done


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