Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My Maths Knowledge Reflection

Knowledge Goal and Reflection 29/07/14

I got  37/50  84 % for stage 6 number knowledge.

I did well in number bonds,  and rounding.

My number knowledge goal is Multiplication and division and groups with remainders.

Something I am proud of is trying the stage 7 test.

Something I want to learn more about is squares and cubes.  

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My journal of the production

Dear Diary, let me introduce myself. My name is Ben and my role in the production is part is Korito. So far my favourite thing in the production is Ezra and his walk in thunderstruck, it makes me laugh. On Friday we are going to do a rehearsal and it is going to be really good. My favourite thing about being in the production is learning the legends and the history. Our story in the production is called The 7 Whales of Wairoa. I am nervous about my lines,  I know them all though. I am a little bit annoyed though with the shark group being silly all the time. I am really sad about being turned to a hill at the end. Also I almost forgot that one of the class axolotls is named after me. Korito sounds a bit Mexican though. I feel famous now though. I am not looking forward to doing the production infront of all the parents.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Retelling Ghosts of Young Nick's Head

Thunder and lightning strikes across the veranda. The window is creaking and shaking. Eddy flips his page in his Harry Potter book. Suddenly the light starts to dim then BANG! the light shatters into the darkness. Eddy lets out a little scream. Then they hear a creaking coming towards the bedroom. “Who is it?” They get no reply as Joe and Eddy start to hide. Then they knock a potato sack all of the floor. The dim light of the fire starts to glow. The shadow starts to get closer. The boys close their eyes. Then a sudden gust of wind hisses and heaves through the house. The boys open their eyes. The black outline of the figure is gone. Eddy yells “Did you see how close we were to dying!”
Joe replies "Yeah” as he lets out some tears.

They look out the window The rain plunges down on the rugged paddock. As the boys analyze the room in the darkness they can tell it was an aged worn out room. Joe says to Eddie “No wonder this place is haunted.” Joe replies.
"We don’t know for sure if this place is haunted.” Eddy says.

"Look out at the cliff face." the boys say as the water splashes up over the rocks. “So what are we going to do with no power?” Joe says to Eddy.
“I don’t know.” Eddy shouts back.
“Will this rain ever end Eddy?” Joe speaks.
“Yes of course it will!” Eddy says.
Then the boys hear somebody coming up the stairs. “Who is it?" they shout...

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