Friday, 14 November 2014

Persuasive writing

Persuading can be a very hard thing to do. So you have come to the right place. Here we can tell you the the best places to advertise. For your new product of walkie talkies, you should use TV. Its a lot fairer and most people have working TV.
TV is much fairer unlike other internet pop ups. Websites are fair but pop up adverts are not. If you want fear advertising to sell your products TV is the way to go! The internet has no rules so people trick you into downloading and buying their products which automatically gives them all your details so now they can hack you with a computer virus. You don’t want your product advertising being able to be sabotaged through hackers. On TV people will see your walkie talkies and they will think “Hmmmm Christmas is soon, I could get some for the kids.”  So they are a great idea

This is a great example of what your TV advert could look like. This is a very good advertisement that would make you wanna buy these walkie talkies. “These walkie talkies are great for hide and go seek and go up to 300 metres away in range. So these are an amazingly good option for presents.” “If your kids love playing army these are also really good for using imagination.” Imagine all the people wanting to buy your walkie talkies. You will turn into a millionaire! Imagine the sales. your products will be going out the door like crazy!

So advertise on the TV not the internet, this is a much fairer way without getting internet bugs like viruses. These walkie talkies last for hours. So this means hours of fun. They are waterproof and are great for having a picnic lunch down at the park. Even playing spot light at night without shouting out to your friends and giving your spot away.

These are the best walkie talkies all round and they are a great price. Get them now. For your kids Christmas presents. They are not just for the kids but they suit adults too!

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  1. Fantastic work Ben. You have worked really hard on your writing. Keep up the spectacular work.


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