Thursday, 25 September 2014

Optimist Yachting Maths

Monday: an easy 10 because there was no wind to sail too

Tuesday: Another 10 since there was still no wind.

Wednesday:  7 Since I went out by myself and kept tipping almost over since I couldn’t balance the boat out. and I got tangled in the mainsheet! Its was really scary

Thursday: Really windy and our yacht so this would be an 8  since I was a bit frightened Ezra’s crazy driving on the rudder!

Friday would be a 9 since it was really fun and cold capsizing. The swimming was the only hardest thing for me since the boat was too full to have 3 people in so we could only have one person.

Friday, 19 September 2014

My new go kart engine!

My new go kart engine.
This is my new engine. It is for my new kart. If you follow my blog you would of seen a picture of my kart. anyway I'm going to win lots off races with this new motor. I can start myself now with my battery pack thingy. I don't really know what the starter battery is called. I can't wait till I race my new motor! 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

All Blacks in Napier

 Friday I went to Napier for an All Blacks signing at Farmers. We had to wait an hour before they turned up. They were Jullien Savea, Liam Messam and Owen Franks. When we got close Mum told me to take my All Blacks top. I replied "What, why would I want to taky my top off infront of everyone!"
Mun then said "It will be easier for them to sign it."
"Ok" I said. I wipped myy t-shirt off and Jullien Savea and Liam Messam said  got big guns"
I smiled when they said that and I was really happy. Then right when we were leaving I was asked to hold up my top for a photo for the Hawke's Bay Today. It got even greater, it was for the front page of the Hawke's Bay today.

 This photo below is my favourite with Richie McCaw, Kieren Reid and Dane Coles. Thye were in Starbucks Napier. It was a great expierence to meet Richie McCaw
                                     THE CAPTAIN OF THE ALL BLACKS

 In the end I went through town and saw 5 more All Blacks they were Ben Franks, Dane Coles, Richie McCaw, Kieren Read, Jurome Kaino, I am so happy I got to meet the All Blacks
In this photo I had Blossom for karts. This is an annual karting event that happends once a year and I had never came second in. I have been in this event 2 or 3 times. I really enjoyed this event since it is over 2 days. I was racing NZ 2. That means he is the second best in New Zealand. I felt really good beating him. I am really happy with my resuilt in Blossom 47!
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