Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My camp reflection

Reflection for Camp

My goal for camp was not to get to home sick

I achieved this because I was fine and did not get home sick.

Something I was pleased with was having warm showers
because I hate cold showers!
I really enjoyed learning the different stuff about room 16
because everyone was really different like Liam, talking about salami, Marcus being the loudest in the animal game!

Something I found hard was caving with the big spiders really close to me
Something that made me think was kayaking
because I was trying to get faster but I could not get faster
· My top 5 favourite things about camp were:

Favourite Things
Reason Why
1. Kayaking
I was quick because I had done it before although it still was hard.
2. Bedtime stories
I loved them because they were nice and a little bit scary but not really.
3. Mobilo
Building strong cars and having battles with my friends.
4. Kiwi
 getting to touch a kiwi for the first time ever!
5. Making the club with Liam, Ollie and Cam
I enjoyed making the club because its lasted all the way till now and it's going to last.


  1. This is a fantastic bit of writing Ben, I love reading your antics from camp, as it sounded like you had so much fun, and I am so glad you didn't get homesick.

  2. Wow Ben!
    Your reflection is great.
    I like how you have written mobilo in you favorite things!
    Awesome Job, Well done

  3. Awesome job Ben
    Well done.

  4. Wow Ben!
    What an awesome reflection Ben,
    I liked the stories because they were scary and awesome to listen to.
    Great job Ben. I touched the kiwi for the first time too!
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Awesome work Ben, I think you were so warm in the showers, but am I in the club?
    The photo's seemed that the kiwi encounter was your favorite thing.
    Keep up the good work. :-)

  6. Cool Ben awesome refection I like your choose of photos.What was your favorite thing at camp?

    1. Kayaking I love kayaking Emma

  7. Excellent reflection, Ben.

    I'm stoked you put bedtime stories at number two!


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