Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Rata tree

The Rata tree

We get to the path where the Rata tree is. We start walking, I was right up the front it was slippery and wet. 5 minutes later the track splits into 2! I call to Mr M “Which way?”
he goes back to see Mrs Hill, “Should we go up the steep track because its quicker”.
“No it might be a bit too slippery and people will slip over and they will take each other out” said Mrs Hill
We decide to take the longer but easier track.

Later on we see a weta box!  We open up the box, there were no wetas in there. We hear a big sigh from room 16 “Oohhh”

Finally we make it to the Rata tree “its massive!” I say to Ollie.
“ Yeah wow I am amazed I love camp Kaitawa” said Ollie
Finally it was my turn I get to climb through the tree. I was so excited! I climbed up, it was as slippery as a whale in the water. As I climb I slipped on the way because up there were huge puddles all over the Rata tree where the roots were, I climbed through the Rata tree and I wave to the girls and adults they wave back I turn around to come back. Then I stop in my tracks to a HUGE SPIDER...

I keep walking trying not to think about the spider. I jump past it but there is another spider I’m so glad its about 3 metres away spinning a big web.

I hop down and I slip big time into a branch. I move and I get down then we start walking back to the vehicles, I am in front. I am first to get back to the cars. It was really slippery on the clay I go sprinting down, I really enjoyed the walk/run!

This is me in the middle of the Rata Tree.


  1. Great job Ben awesome story. The really cool part I liked was where you said that you could here a sigh of room 16 that part was great. Keep it up Ben.

  2. Wow that was a great story Ben!
    Where there spiders in the Rata tree? luckily I didn't see it because I would have screamed!
    Also that photo of you looks awesome:)
    Well Done!!!

  3. Awesome store Ben!
    Well Done!!!!

  4. Cool! I really like it Ben.That must of been creepy with the spider right Ben?

    Joshua room12

  5. Wonderful moment in time writing, Ben.

    You brought me right back to the beautiful rata tree walk. I like how you put your main parts into paragraphs. Top effort!

  6. Spectacular Rata tree story Ben it brings me right back to the Rata tree when I was at camp

    1. Thankyou Jared! were there spiders on the tree when you went???


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