Saturday, 22 March 2014

Kayaking in the school pool

Kayaking Fun

Buddy Assessment (Buddy: Jared)

Paddle Hold (right angles, right way, consistency)
I think I had good consistency with my paddle holding because I have done it before with my dad. Jared (my assessor) gave me a double tick for my balance since in Jareds words “Ben had all his angels right”

Overall Safety
My personal opinion I would be a double tick for being safe. To be safe, you have to have great strength to hold the paddle and have great balance. Jared thinks I should get a double tick on that one

My Speed was definitely fast since I won the race. Elijah was pushing me so hard making me wanna push harder to win. I did win. Jareds words again are, “Tremendous speed I think Ben deserves a double tick” Well there you go I am doing really good so far.

I am happy as ever I definitely got a double tick for this and so does Jared I think.


Something I enjoyed learning was the water safety

Something I found challenging was keeping in front of Elijah

My favourite thing about kayaking in the pool was playing around on the water!


  1. Great reflection Ben.
    You did a amazing job staying in front of me, I just couldn't keep up.
    Keep up the awesome work.

  2. WOW Ben good work at winning the second round.Your paddle work was fantastic.

  3. It is great that you remembered about the safety aspects of kayaking. It is really important to be prepared in case something goes wrong!

  4. Hi Ben, you are really good at kayaking, your paddle work is excellent. I really like kayaking as well!

  5. Hi Ben! You know a lot of rules about kayaking! I wish I did!!!


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