Thursday, 21 November 2013

Rock and roll

The last few days we have been doing Rock and roll here is a list of words about rock and roll

How to be a good Rock n’ Roller
By Ollie, Cameron and Ben

To be a fantastic rock n’ roller you need remember to some of these word.

Look Sharp.
To have nice clothes.

Be Polite.
To talk nice to your partner and be happy

then you will get really good and be a good dancer.

Practise Practise Practise!

Go with the Beat, tune, rhythm and music.
Listen and dance to the beat of the music.

Be nice no matter who your partner
It’s just a dance so you get to know people around you are not getting engaged and getting married!

Firm Stepping
Be firm but not so your stomping otherwise you fall slip if you are too light.

Respect your partner no matter who they are even if they are a boy or girl.

Don’t be stiff.

Now you should be a fantastic respectful rock and roller.
Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A Birthday In The Life Of Ozzie Kingsford

Ozzie kingsford by Ben Hibbs on GoAnimate

 This is me and Marcus's go animate. I hope you enjoy it! The book is called A Birthday in the life of Ozzie Kingsford. The book was written by Val Bird and illustrated by Rebecca Cundy. I hope you enjoy our Go Animate! On the right you will see me I am the guy who is wearing a white top and Marcus is wearing a yellow top

Below you can read along to what we are saying on the Go Animate. 

I Hope you enjoy and please comment!

Ben: hey Marcus

Marcus: hello Ben

Marcus: hey what was your favourite part of a birthday in the life of Ozzie Kingsford book?

Ben: My favourite part is when they crash the car, What was your favourite part of the book?

Marcus: My favorite part of the book was when Ozzies father was head butted by that goat, HA HA HA!

What we thought about the book.

Marcus: It was coming with sudden things that you didn’t know it would happen.

My favourite role for the story would have to be illustraiter because I loved drawing pictures of parts of the book.

My Calandar art

Here is my Calandar art it is a portrait of me I hope you like it! I traced a photo of me!
Please comment!

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Henna hands

This is my Henna hands. Henna hands was part of our topic, for India (the girls put Henna hands on their hands) We didn't put it on our hands though we did  it on paper and we then took a photo and emailed it, then opened it in paint. 

My maths results

Here are my maths results I really enjoyed the test we did over 6 days but we a going up to 10 days
Please comment

Thursday, 29 August 2013

My letter to Ken Catran

Dear Ken Catran

Hi, I’m Ben Hibbs and I go to Parkvale School Hastings New Zealand. Last week my class finished reading Dead Harry and I thought the book was fantastic! My favourite part is where Harry puts his eyeball into the chocolate wrappers because that is my type of thing. We got a few frights at the end of the chapters and wanted our teacher to read more, but he made us wait till the next day for the next chapter.

My favourite character is Harry. I like Harry because he does tricks on his mate Sam and that made me laugh alot. I think it was funny when Harry was inside the chocolate wrappers and said “I can’t eat chocolates anymore”. I laughed and thought you are so funny Harry.

I really enjoyed Dead Harry!

Yours sincerely,
Ben Hibbs
Parkvale School

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Go Karting!

I hop in my go kart for heat number 1. We go out I warm my tires up lights out! I full speed it a head, from the outside I have a kart jump over the back of me. I get to 1st into the first corner I get a huge lead Dad’s filming me on my ipad. by the time we are out of the first corner I was half of the straight ahead. by the starting straight I had the straight of a lead I win that race. We don’t change anything with the setup. I was starting off pole for the next race. I then found out Ryan had packed up and gone home because he could not pass number 55 from Palmerston North. he would of been off 2nd for the next race I was off poll, best position you can get to start on. lights out for heat 2 I have a cracker of a startup into Curran corner I have number 55 right on my bumper...
I race and pull away I have a lead half of the size of the starting straight I go. I win that race.

I win the day. and get 2 certificates.

Next race I'm starting off 5th I have a fantastic start

and race away into 3rd on the first corner

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Magpies VS Turbos

On Saturday I went to the Magpies game. After the game I met Zac Gulford I also had a photo and asked him if he can sign my I pad, he did. Zac Gulford did some awesome tackles and got 2 trys. the score was 48 to 18 to the Magpies

Here are some photos below. Please enjoy!

 On the left is the Manawatu Turbos mascot he stayed still for the photo but Powerman

Above is Powerman he would not stop for a photo! I was anoired about that though.

Friday, 9 August 2013


A few days ago I made a castles on Pocket Edition. I made it as a challenge from Minecraft kids quest

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Dragon writing

WALA Sentences 

Once upon a time I had a dragon land on my finger. It breathed out fire.  I named him Timmy. And he was a silly billy. He flew through my bedroom window. Maybe the last of the species. I gave him some raw fish. But he cooked them with his fiery breath. One day he burnt the house down. Oh Timmy, I sighed. When we moved to a new house he ate more and more food. And water as if it was real. I think that Timmy is a beautiful dragon. But a silly billy. He has sharp cone shaped claws and bat shaped wings, so swift through the wind as he flies around the property and Timmy brings not very nice surprises around the property like, birds butterflies although the nextdoor cat was happy. We built a room of steel. I keep my dragon in the steel room so he can't catch my house on on fire.

Friday, 2 August 2013

My earthquake time line

 This is my time line that I made on Time Toast we had a book to read about New Zealand earthquakes. I hope you enjoy my time line.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Wildebeest writing

This is my Wildebeest writing. We used an app called I fake text. I like how i'ts like an I-phone. Here is my writing below

“Lets cross the island” said Munchin.
“No there is a crocodile in the water!” says Crackers
They start arguing, “Its a log” snorts Munchin.
“No a Crocodile,” said Crackers.
“I will kick it then”  Munchin says to Crackers.
“I will stand on it” said Crackers.
He goes and hops on...“Maybe you are right says Crackers.

CRUNCH! “Crocodile” Says Munchin.
Another Wildebeest comes along “is that a log”
To be continued...

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Suddenly An Earthquake!

The earthquake!

The earthquake this morning was huge. I am really freaked out because there will probably be another earthquake later I hope it won't be huge because of all the families with kids who need to get under the table. I need to get an emergency bag ready in case of a bigger one later. I rush and make sure I know where torches are.

Finally dinner. There had only been a few unnoticeable earthquakes. I got calmer there had been no more earthquakes. We had been checking on Geonet Its a handy website to see if there is an earthquake.  By bedtime there were no more earthquakes. I could go to sleep and rest.

Thanks for reading my writing

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Rata tree

The Rata tree

We get to the path where the Rata tree is. We start walking, I was right up the front it was slippery and wet. 5 minutes later the track splits into 2! I call to Mr M “Which way?”
he goes back to see Mrs Hill, “Should we go up the steep track because its quicker”.
“No it might be a bit too slippery and people will slip over and they will take each other out” said Mrs Hill
We decide to take the longer but easier track.

Later on we see a weta box!  We open up the box, there were no wetas in there. We hear a big sigh from room 16 “Oohhh”

Finally we make it to the Rata tree “its massive!” I say to Ollie.
“ Yeah wow I am amazed I love camp Kaitawa” said Ollie
Finally it was my turn I get to climb through the tree. I was so excited! I climbed up, it was as slippery as a whale in the water. As I climb I slipped on the way because up there were huge puddles all over the Rata tree where the roots were, I climbed through the Rata tree and I wave to the girls and adults they wave back I turn around to come back. Then I stop in my tracks to a HUGE SPIDER...

I keep walking trying not to think about the spider. I jump past it but there is another spider I’m so glad its about 3 metres away spinning a big web.

I hop down and I slip big time into a branch. I move and I get down then we start walking back to the vehicles, I am in front. I am first to get back to the cars. It was really slippery on the clay I go sprinting down, I really enjoyed the walk/run!

This is me in the middle of the Rata Tree.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My camp reflection

Reflection for Camp

My goal for camp was not to get to home sick

I achieved this because I was fine and did not get home sick.

Something I was pleased with was having warm showers
because I hate cold showers!
I really enjoyed learning the different stuff about room 16
because everyone was really different like Liam, talking about salami, Marcus being the loudest in the animal game!

Something I found hard was caving with the big spiders really close to me
Something that made me think was kayaking
because I was trying to get faster but I could not get faster
· My top 5 favourite things about camp were:

Favourite Things
Reason Why
1. Kayaking
I was quick because I had done it before although it still was hard.
2. Bedtime stories
I loved them because they were nice and a little bit scary but not really.
3. Mobilo
Building strong cars and having battles with my friends.
4. Kiwi
 getting to touch a kiwi for the first time ever!
5. Making the club with Liam, Ollie and Cam
I enjoyed making the club because its lasted all the way till now and it's going to last.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Kayaking on lake Kaitawa!

Squishing on a life jacket. I hop in a single kayak. Narelle pushes me out. I yell to Cameron, “This is awesome I’m going to the reids over there”. Cam screams to me “ I am following you!” I head to Ollie hes just going round in circles. I get to him, “What are you doing?” as I gave him a shunt. I hear a noise I look around its a Kereru! Up in the tree, I wonder what its doing I thought to myself, by now it was a speck in the distance. I decide to go up to the bank, there I could just watch the nature and what the birds were up to. I hear David he saying “Lets play tag! I’m in” said David. Everyone was crowded around David so they were going to get tagged. David went straight at Josh, Josh was not quick enough to get away. there was the first person tagged, it was like a virus everyone was getting tagged I was doing my own thing just gazing at the sky and the birds I decide to lay low and stick around the edge of the lake. I decide to go around the lake again. I go past the landing wharf I get called in, my butt is wet! I didn’t care I will have to wait for about ten minutes Cam comes in I go back out with him, we are in a double “Left left” I scream at Cam. “Ok I’m trying he yells back” We decide to go back in. We both want and need single kayaks. I get to go out first in this cute scrunched up kayak, it’s red I Kayak with Cam and Ollie they were following me. I head towards the reids wanting to see a big fish there was none though. I decide to go to the middle of the lake and see how deep it is, deeper than the ore I was surprised I did not want to fall out now I go smash into a big stick I start paddling backwards I go on a rampage racing all the double kayaks, I beat them by miles! I decide I’m going to stare at the Kereru, the Kereru then flies straight over my head like a Hawk I turn and look around I see a road, power lines cutting over the lake and a lot of trees. we get called in. We get told thats it. We take the kayaks up the adults clean them I found the kayaks really heavy. Ellis is helping us. He was a fantastic helper. I love kayaking. I race back down to see if anyone needs help, nobody needed help though, I thought they might I was wrong, I sprint with all my might up the hall. trying to get to the top really fast. I make it with a few deep breaths. I kept looking at the fire pits, thinking I want to have a bonfire. We all head back up to the dorms to play quietly while the adults make lunch. For lunch is cheese toasties, Yum I thought, “I love cheese toasties” I said to Ollie. “Me too” said Ollie. Finally we could eat some toasties! They were yummo, scrumptious and delicious! I reckon the parents did an amazing job on the toasties. I ate 7 pieces, they were roll cut in half. After lunch we had the Amazing race! Sam kept saying “ The race is amazing because I’m in it” Omg that was annoying! Thanks for reading Ben.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

My term 1 Reflection

This is my May reflection of my intervew. I hope you enjoy. You will see some of my  favorite work.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Rock climbing (week 2)

Today we went rock climbing. I had an totally fantastic awesome time. I had an awesome time walking there. When we got there I went and sat at the circle. Luke and Steve came and sit by me, well I did say hello. When it was time, I went first I did not get that high but I was going to get another turn when I was on my 2nd turn I had to go up the box I made it ‘yeah!’ I said in my head. I kept climbing and then I made it to the top I was so happy. My legs were num I came down they were so happy especially Tyrone. He could not stop smiling at all. Thats the end on rock climbing week 2 Here are some photos below.


                                   Thanks Mrs Okane for taking us!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My 3D shape!

Hi everyone. Here is my 3D shape below on the left.
It has 2 faces
0 Verticies, (corners)
0 Edges            


Below here is Hemanis shape. It is a square base pyramid.

It has 5 faces,
5 corners,
8 edges.

To figure out the edges you need to add the corners and faces together and plus them together then takeaway 2 then you have the edges.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Me at the V8's in front of Craig Lowndes car!

This was a time of my life being infront of Craig Lowndes car as you can see. I'm also holding his #3 place trophy I was so lucky I was the only one who got to do that I asked if I could get a photo of it and then I was allowed to get to go in front of his car I was so excited I was just amazed!

I also got to hold his trophy it was a 3rd place trophy!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Rock Climbing

 This is my Prezi. It is about Rock climbing. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My great face name art!

This is my face name art. I hope everybody likes it. Please COMMENT! Please spread the word!

                                                         I love art

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Cube for maths

                           This is the cube side on now you can see 3 across and 4 up.
This is our cube. It is a solid shape. it is not a trick. I enjoyed making it. I think looking down on it it looks like a tall building. Please comment thankyou for reading. The height =4cm, perimeter= 12 (3+3+3+3) and the area = 9cm squared (3x3) and the volume = 36cm cubed (HxLxW = 4x3x3).

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Bull run

click here to see this in full screen

This is a story called the bull run. A kid called Ben tries to take a short cut knowing theres a bull he could not hear the bull so he cut through and got into trouble meeting the bull he ran back and got all muddy.

Can you please comment thank you please come again.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Kick Start

Kick Start from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo. We have made this wonderful video check it out!

I am starring as Captain Jazz. I'm captain of the aliens in the trailer. 

I am wearing my captains hat. We have been making the trailer through the week we finnished it then it got deleted. Then we had to create it all over again 

Please comment, thanks for watching KickStart.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

My Beans moment

My beans moment is at the fun run. Beans Moment (Energy) 

WALT choose words that describe a moment for the reader

 begin in the action present tense (I am, not I was) 
short, sharp sentences uses the senses (smell, taste, look, hear, touch) 
strong verbs 

 We were all ready. Mr Ford says go! We all start sprinting for the first tree, to get in there first so you don't get pushed and shoved into each other so you don't get tripped up I’ve got #3, #2, #1, #10 and #7. I was full of BEANS. when I won I was year 2. we had a smaller track, my only challenge was my best friend Drew Porter. We gapped it from everybody else and he ended up coming #2. We both put in an amazing amount of work into the race but I just won we were knocking into each other and everything else tripping and pushing each other to the limits but I made it on the inside! I thought I had won. Drew had his shoes on I didn't though. Oh No there was one more lap I had people yelling and screaming go Ben go Ben go Drew. Our Mums were standing beside each other wondering who was gonna be crowned champ for 2010 any way I go into the first corner with Drew breathing down my neck. I take the inside into the final turn. Yes yes its real I won the cross country hopping I’m not going to wake up from a dream it was real. I go up to Drew and shake his hand and say great race! to each other. thats good sportsmanship isn't it???

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

My Role Model


My role model is Shane Gisbergen,he’s a KIWI! and he got into v8 supercars which is what I want to get into when I’m older.

He’s won three races in his career, 2 in ford 1 in holden he has
just done his first weekend in holden since he didn't want to race for Mercedes. he stalled on his  first race but he said I've got  a race tomorrow to look forward too and to do better in and thats what he did he won the race I wanted him to win.
He will never give up thats what I really love about him.

If you ever meet him and he’s had a bad race he will just say well thats what I’ve got to do better next time. I’m hoping he can win the championship has he got the guts too? I reckon he does. If he wins he will be the first kiwi to win the championship! he still won't be winning the championship, but that won't affect him if his championship goes how I think it will go. Hes the first KIWI to win v8 supercars Clipsal 500, also back in 2011 he won SKY CITY TRIPLE CROWN Hidden valley and also ITM Hamilton 400,which I went too.

Shane Van Gisbergen  is also in v8 supertourers with Mount Panorama winner back in 2004 Greg Murphy, supertourers is similar to the v8 supercars but v8 supertourers is a  build up class for v8 supercars.
Shane Van gisbergen is also in NZ Codys D1 drifting and NZ rally.


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

My Hero Speed Ben

Vital Stats
weight 26 KG
toughness 100%100
 Light speed
Invisible if got weapons that can hurt him
got some great combos never be mean because you don't know who your really dealing with,
I am a human and I will transform at any moment so scram!

He once had  chemicals chucked on him he all of a sudden had his te-shirt rip and neally died but somebody had added flour and sugar.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Mathematics garden

 This is my maths garden I turned it in to a maze.
The perimeter of my garden equals 25m+25m+25m+25m=100m.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Mystery Book

This is my fotobabble for our room 5 buddy, can you guess what the book is?

Monday, 18 February 2013

Waitomo Caves

WALT choose words that describe a moment for the reader  

key words  waitomo caves glow worms water

  • short sharp sentences

I am walking through the dark gloomy caves. Well with switches to turn on lights! Walking down stairs and up. Wow this is amazing I thought to myself . Hopping into a boat going through the caves river the Waitomo river I wanted to put a  kayak in the  river and stay in there all day and that would been quite fun. I’m going to go back when I’m 12 to do black water rafting. Awesome right? They say that it was about 100 metres high but really its only about half a metre high but they don’t get told that and they have to jump off backwards. There was a fat guy do it once and they were not sure if he was gonna make it. Maybe he was gonna get stuck but he made it. Good for him and thats when we finish.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My net book agreement

  PRIDE = personal best respect and responsibility,  integrity, determinaion, enjoyment.

 I think its a good thing we had to sign an agreement because its a lot more safer because it means we won't go and put a virus on the computer.
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