Thursday, 22 August 2013

Go Karting!

I hop in my go kart for heat number 1. We go out I warm my tires up lights out! I full speed it a head, from the outside I have a kart jump over the back of me. I get to 1st into the first corner I get a huge lead Dad’s filming me on my ipad. by the time we are out of the first corner I was half of the straight ahead. by the starting straight I had the straight of a lead I win that race. We don’t change anything with the setup. I was starting off pole for the next race. I then found out Ryan had packed up and gone home because he could not pass number 55 from Palmerston North. he would of been off 2nd for the next race I was off poll, best position you can get to start on. lights out for heat 2 I have a cracker of a startup into Curran corner I have number 55 right on my bumper...
I race and pull away I have a lead half of the size of the starting straight I go. I win that race.

I win the day. and get 2 certificates.

Next race I'm starting off 5th I have a fantastic start

and race away into 3rd on the first corner


  1. Wow Ben
    Great post.
    It looks like you were having fun out on the track.
    I wish I could do that.
    Well done !!!

  2. Wow Ben its very interesting. I like the part were you said I warm up my tires and lights out that part was cool. Well done Ben keep up the good work.

  3. Well done Ben.
    You are very good a go-karting.
    Keep it up!

  4. WOW!!!! Your go kart seems very fast and you described your races very well.


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