Saturday, 31 August 2013

Henna hands

This is my Henna hands. Henna hands was part of our topic, for India (the girls put Henna hands on their hands) We didn't put it on our hands though we did  it on paper and we then took a photo and emailed it, then opened it in paint. 

My maths results

Here are my maths results I really enjoyed the test we did over 6 days but we a going up to 10 days
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Thursday, 29 August 2013

My letter to Ken Catran

Dear Ken Catran

Hi, I’m Ben Hibbs and I go to Parkvale School Hastings New Zealand. Last week my class finished reading Dead Harry and I thought the book was fantastic! My favourite part is where Harry puts his eyeball into the chocolate wrappers because that is my type of thing. We got a few frights at the end of the chapters and wanted our teacher to read more, but he made us wait till the next day for the next chapter.

My favourite character is Harry. I like Harry because he does tricks on his mate Sam and that made me laugh alot. I think it was funny when Harry was inside the chocolate wrappers and said “I can’t eat chocolates anymore”. I laughed and thought you are so funny Harry.

I really enjoyed Dead Harry!

Yours sincerely,
Ben Hibbs
Parkvale School

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Go Karting!

I hop in my go kart for heat number 1. We go out I warm my tires up lights out! I full speed it a head, from the outside I have a kart jump over the back of me. I get to 1st into the first corner I get a huge lead Dad’s filming me on my ipad. by the time we are out of the first corner I was half of the straight ahead. by the starting straight I had the straight of a lead I win that race. We don’t change anything with the setup. I was starting off pole for the next race. I then found out Ryan had packed up and gone home because he could not pass number 55 from Palmerston North. he would of been off 2nd for the next race I was off poll, best position you can get to start on. lights out for heat 2 I have a cracker of a startup into Curran corner I have number 55 right on my bumper...
I race and pull away I have a lead half of the size of the starting straight I go. I win that race.

I win the day. and get 2 certificates.

Next race I'm starting off 5th I have a fantastic start

and race away into 3rd on the first corner

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Magpies VS Turbos

On Saturday I went to the Magpies game. After the game I met Zac Gulford I also had a photo and asked him if he can sign my I pad, he did. Zac Gulford did some awesome tackles and got 2 trys. the score was 48 to 18 to the Magpies

Here are some photos below. Please enjoy!

 On the left is the Manawatu Turbos mascot he stayed still for the photo but Powerman

Above is Powerman he would not stop for a photo! I was anoired about that though.

Friday, 9 August 2013


A few days ago I made a castles on Pocket Edition. I made it as a challenge from Minecraft kids quest

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Dragon writing

WALA Sentences 

Once upon a time I had a dragon land on my finger. It breathed out fire.  I named him Timmy. And he was a silly billy. He flew through my bedroom window. Maybe the last of the species. I gave him some raw fish. But he cooked them with his fiery breath. One day he burnt the house down. Oh Timmy, I sighed. When we moved to a new house he ate more and more food. And water as if it was real. I think that Timmy is a beautiful dragon. But a silly billy. He has sharp cone shaped claws and bat shaped wings, so swift through the wind as he flies around the property and Timmy brings not very nice surprises around the property like, birds butterflies although the nextdoor cat was happy. We built a room of steel. I keep my dragon in the steel room so he can't catch my house on on fire.

Friday, 2 August 2013

My earthquake time line

 This is my time line that I made on Time Toast we had a book to read about New Zealand earthquakes. I hope you enjoy my time line.
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