Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My camp reflection

Reflection for Camp

My goal for camp was not to get to home sick

I achieved this because I was fine and did not get home sick.

Something I was pleased with was having warm showers
because I hate cold showers!
I really enjoyed learning the different stuff about room 16
because everyone was really different like Liam, talking about salami, Marcus being the loudest in the animal game!

Something I found hard was caving with the big spiders really close to me
Something that made me think was kayaking
because I was trying to get faster but I could not get faster
· My top 5 favourite things about camp were:

Favourite Things
Reason Why
1. Kayaking
I was quick because I had done it before although it still was hard.
2. Bedtime stories
I loved them because they were nice and a little bit scary but not really.
3. Mobilo
Building strong cars and having battles with my friends.
4. Kiwi
 getting to touch a kiwi for the first time ever!
5. Making the club with Liam, Ollie and Cam
I enjoyed making the club because its lasted all the way till now and it's going to last.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Kayaking on lake Kaitawa!

Squishing on a life jacket. I hop in a single kayak. Narelle pushes me out. I yell to Cameron, “This is awesome I’m going to the reids over there”. Cam screams to me “ I am following you!” I head to Ollie hes just going round in circles. I get to him, “What are you doing?” as I gave him a shunt. I hear a noise I look around its a Kereru! Up in the tree, I wonder what its doing I thought to myself, by now it was a speck in the distance. I decide to go up to the bank, there I could just watch the nature and what the birds were up to. I hear David he saying “Lets play tag! I’m in” said David. Everyone was crowded around David so they were going to get tagged. David went straight at Josh, Josh was not quick enough to get away. there was the first person tagged, it was like a virus everyone was getting tagged I was doing my own thing just gazing at the sky and the birds I decide to lay low and stick around the edge of the lake. I decide to go around the lake again. I go past the landing wharf I get called in, my butt is wet! I didn’t care I will have to wait for about ten minutes Cam comes in I go back out with him, we are in a double “Left left” I scream at Cam. “Ok I’m trying he yells back” We decide to go back in. We both want and need single kayaks. I get to go out first in this cute scrunched up kayak, it’s red I Kayak with Cam and Ollie they were following me. I head towards the reids wanting to see a big fish there was none though. I decide to go to the middle of the lake and see how deep it is, deeper than the ore I was surprised I did not want to fall out now I go smash into a big stick I start paddling backwards I go on a rampage racing all the double kayaks, I beat them by miles! I decide I’m going to stare at the Kereru, the Kereru then flies straight over my head like a Hawk I turn and look around I see a road, power lines cutting over the lake and a lot of trees. we get called in. We get told thats it. We take the kayaks up the adults clean them I found the kayaks really heavy. Ellis is helping us. He was a fantastic helper. I love kayaking. I race back down to see if anyone needs help, nobody needed help though, I thought they might I was wrong, I sprint with all my might up the hall. trying to get to the top really fast. I make it with a few deep breaths. I kept looking at the fire pits, thinking I want to have a bonfire. We all head back up to the dorms to play quietly while the adults make lunch. For lunch is cheese toasties, Yum I thought, “I love cheese toasties” I said to Ollie. “Me too” said Ollie. Finally we could eat some toasties! They were yummo, scrumptious and delicious! I reckon the parents did an amazing job on the toasties. I ate 7 pieces, they were roll cut in half. After lunch we had the Amazing race! Sam kept saying “ The race is amazing because I’m in it” Omg that was annoying! Thanks for reading Ben.
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