Monday, 18 February 2013

Waitomo Caves

WALT choose words that describe a moment for the reader  

key words  waitomo caves glow worms water

  • short sharp sentences

I am walking through the dark gloomy caves. Well with switches to turn on lights! Walking down stairs and up. Wow this is amazing I thought to myself . Hopping into a boat going through the caves river the Waitomo river I wanted to put a  kayak in the  river and stay in there all day and that would been quite fun. I’m going to go back when I’m 12 to do black water rafting. Awesome right? They say that it was about 100 metres high but really its only about half a metre high but they don’t get told that and they have to jump off backwards. There was a fat guy do it once and they were not sure if he was gonna make it. Maybe he was gonna get stuck but he made it. Good for him and thats when we finish.


  1. I like how you talk to the reader in your writing, Ben. The Waitomo Caves sound amazing. I went there as a child but would love to go back again!

  2. I love your verbs wow

  3. Thanks everyone for the wonderful coments we have such a great class

  4. Wow Ben that story on waitomo caves is awesome.

  5. great work Ben I wished I was there,it would of been lots of fun

  6. I like your story Ben

    From Zach

  7. I liked how you put dark gloomy caves.
    I wish I was there in those gloomy caves.


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