Friday, 24 May 2013

Rock climbing (week 2)

Today we went rock climbing. I had an totally fantastic awesome time. I had an awesome time walking there. When we got there I went and sat at the circle. Luke and Steve came and sit by me, well I did say hello. When it was time, I went first I did not get that high but I was going to get another turn when I was on my 2nd turn I had to go up the box I made it ‘yeah!’ I said in my head. I kept climbing and then I made it to the top I was so happy. My legs were num I came down they were so happy especially Tyrone. He could not stop smiling at all. Thats the end on rock climbing week 2 Here are some photos below.


                                   Thanks Mrs Okane for taking us!

1 comment:

  1. Well done Ben. I liked how you said to your self that you never give up iv got to get to the top that part was awesome. Well done and you are a very good rock climber.


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