Sunday, 16 March 2014

I can taste fresh air lurking

5 Senses writing
I can taste the fresh air lurking. I can hear birds chirping to their families. I can see horses with their silky brown furry mains. I can touch the electric fence  and get a shock. I can smell Horse poo whiffling through the air. Blue sky overgrown tree top canopies  over a house across from school Te Mata the sleeping giant laying there dead. I hear a plane swooping over my head. Smokey grey sky not rain clouds, something you don't see everyday. I can feel the sun beating down on my neck making me get burnt. I see nature roaming the earth. The horse is running up and  down like a lunatic getting chased with a hammer. I can see cliffs off the side of Te Mata peak.

I see and feel Pollen in the air. I see cars driving on Howard street, Spider webs spun on the long wet brown grass. Silence around the environment.

Autumn leaves falling to the ground.


  1. I enjoyed hearing you read this to me over the weekend, you're writing is amazing and I could imagine myself standing there seeing the sights and sounds you described. Keep up the good work as it's fantastic. :)

  2. I enjoyed reading your story I love it I wish I can write like you Ben

  3. Thank you Jack this comment means a lot to me.
    Thanks I didn't know how much of a good writer I was.


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