Friday, 27 June 2014

My trip to mars

Write an imaginary story about your trip to Mars
WALT organise our ideas into an effective structure
Success Criteria
  • Beginning, middle and end (like a hamburger)
  • Paragraph groups of ideas
  • Some complex sentences
  • Use of topic words from space
  • Imagination and excitement!

I strap myself in to my seat then I hear a BOOM! OMG   the rocket starts to launch into the sky, A force of adrenalin  rushes through my body, I get pulled down from the force of the rocket. “No going back,” says Jared as the shuttle starts to vibrate and all of our gear falls on the floor and tips everywhere.

No GRAVITY!!! Yes!
as I flip in joy. Bye bye Earth.

18 minutes later we are skyrocketing and spiraling past the moon. “Ben be sensible with this ship”
Jared and Cameron say to me. Suddenly we run out of gas, Jared chucks the emergency 20,000 litres in the funnel when it spills through the rocket and catches a light, we’re not good. but I am still going to do a backflip in the rocket while spiraling right before Mars…

3 ½ hours later…

Backflip time. over we go, quarter over, half way over, Suddenly I stall the jets. “Ben!” What have you done? We crash against Curiosity Rover then I lose sight of it. We are stranded on Mars with the green martians coming at us. What should we do?

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